Ombudsperson Pathfinder Initiative

The B.C. Ombudsperson Office would like to announce as part of its Indigenous Services, the Ombudsperson Pathfinders.  There are now four engagement specialists working with and for Indigenous peoples; First Nation, Métis, and Inuit, and Indigenous communities across the different regions in the province to help guide concerns and complaints about provincial and local public services in B.C. to the Office.  The Ombudsperson Pathfinder initiative is created to raise awareness of Ombudsperson services among Indigenous peoples, to build trust with communities and guide concerns to the office or other appropriate pathways, with the opportunity to track and learn where we support Indigenous priorities.


Pathfinders are able to:

  • Attend events and share information
  • Have informal presentations with services, agencies or community organizations’ staff and community members about what we do
  • Meet with Indigenous leadership to learn what is happening in community
  • Have one-to-one calls, or informal visits to answer questions and provide useful information

Can be contacted by email, and can connect individuals directly with a pathfinder engagement team member of the Ombudsperson staff who has specific experience working with Indigenous peoples, that might be able to help

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