Annual School District #58 Student Powwow

When: Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Time: 9:30am-2:30pm
Where: Lower Nicola Indian Band Arbor
Host School: Merritt Central
Invited Drums ONLY
All Dancers Welcome
SD58 Powwow Poster - May.24.2023


A message from Clint Holmes:
Way’/henłə everybody. “King/Queen of the mat” tournament fundraiser. Tournament is July 22. 2023 in kílowna (kelowna) at Pacific Top Team Martial Arts kelowna. Come cheer on the kids! Also assisting with a few private lessons for the kids, first private lesson is booked for may 4th
$20/ticket. 4 bags made so far. If sell more than 50 tickets will make some more bags of bison and beef for every 20 tickets sold. 50 tickets available, more available upon necessity.
Draw will be June 22. 2023 likely around 4pm.
Cell Number 250-899-4070
Would like to send a special recognition to Christoph Weder, Bison Guy and bison gal for their generous contribution to the fundraiser. Bison guy told me he watches the videos I post on Facebook of BJJ and he is happy that we are partaking in the sport. So him and his boss (bison gal) generously donated some beef to this fundraiser. Kukscəmx sqəltmíx qwísp (bison guy) and tikłmíx qwísp (bison gal) for your generous donation. It inspired the kids to train harder
I would also like to thank the coaches, Jorden Reichenbach, Caine McCabe, Dallas and David for training our children and myself. We all have learned soo much. It has become table talk with others when we are visiting the clan and friends. Thank you for all the great training and tips especially at open mat. One different grab going to change my “tiger style” technique. Kukscəmx.
Also I want to say thank you to all those that support us with our training and competition fundraiser in the past. BJJ has become a part of our daily lives. The kids don’t think of chores as work anymore. They think of it as training, establishing grips, overhook or underhook, closed guard and open guard. Simona was playing with violet while i was cooking, she was practicing lightly her closed guard and taking the back. So awesome. Kukscəmx
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Copper Mountain Mining Days Invitation to USIB for May 25, 2023

Copper Mountain Mine has extended an invite to the Upper Similkameen Band Members & Families to their annual Mining day event to be held in Princeton.
If this is something you and your family would like to attend please contact Elena at reception 250-292-8733 or via email to provide the number of tickets you and your family will need for this event.
Thank you.
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