2023 Community Recreation & Parks Survey

Hi Community Partners,

For the past several years the RDOS Parks and Recreation team have been conducting a community survey specifically for parks and recreation services. This has provided us a vehicle to ask some targeted questions to track trends, hear feedback, and potentially gather new ideas. Additionally, this ensures all tax payers have an influence on the types and levels of service the Regional District provides. The information that we gather from these surveys do help us plan for the next budget year and ultimately help staff make yearly recommendations to the RDOS Board of Directors.

As key Community Partners we ask that you help circulate this information. Obviously, the more feedback and responses we get the better we understand the needs of the community. In past years we have had various response rates from communities. Regardless, even a small sample size give us some indication but a larger sample size from the community is certainly preferred.


For your reference and please feel free to share below is a copy of the RDOS Information Release and attached is a poster regarding the survey.

We appreciate your support and thank you for all that you do.



Parks and Recreation Team


2023 Recreation and Parks Survey