Education Department

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The Education department provides support to students and parents from K-12. The Education Coordinator acts as a Liaison between the School District and various schools, they manage and allocate the budget for post-secondary, ensure all available funding is applied for, while also setting up committees for interviews and providing aid to students with letters of support and recommendation for additional bursaries and scholarships.


Meet our Education Coordinator, Cecelia Louis-Ralston

“My Name is Cecelia Louis-Ralston, most of the community knows me as Cecelia Jameson. My Father was William Jameson, and I was raised in Hedley by my Grandparents, Jim & Harriet Jameson.

I started working at USIB in August 2018 and I am very happy to help serve my community working in the capacity of Executive Assistant, Education Coordinator, and Indian Registry Administrator.

My professional background and education has been in accounting and law. I have also worked in the resort and trucking industries. In addition, I have worked for LSIB and PIB in their accounting departments since I returned to the valley in 2009. I am an avid photographer and continue to pursue my love of sewing through fashion design.

I look forward to being an asset to the USIB team and assisting Chief and Council in achieving their goals.”