Family Support

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The Family Support Department offers assistance, resources, and education for the following programs
and services: Prevention Support, Individual and Family Counselling, Youth and Family Advocate,
Referrals, and Addiction Support. Find further information on each of these programs and services below.

Available Counselling:

  • Children & Teen Counselling is available through Jamie Holloway who is an RSW, C.Hth. Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician

To book an appointment or request more information, please fill out the Family Support form.

Family Support Form

All information submitted is confidential and is sent directly to the Family Support Worker.

Alternatively, you can email or call the USIB Administration
office at 250-292-8733.

Suicide Prevention:

If you or someone you know is suicidal or having suicidal thoughts please contact our Family Support
Worker using any of the options above or contact the KUU-US Aboriginal Crisis and Suicide Prevention Line:

Family Support Programs & Services

  • Prevention Support Services

    Prevention support identifies areas of concerns in the community, families, school settings, personal relationships, youth, and development. The Family Support Coordinator works to identify risks or areas that need intervention or guidance in programming on healthy relationships, good decision-making, family dynamics, educational decisions, and healthy lifestyles. The Family Support Coordinator can meet with families and individuals to discuss healthy options that will best meet their needs, such as developing prevention programs which may also facilitate groups.

  • Counselling

    The Family Support Coordinator is not a registered counsellor, and therefore cannot give advice outside of assisting with referrals to find the best services that meet the individual or family’s needs. The Family Support Coordinator can also have meetings with Community members to help identify external services, and assist in the logistics (research, payment options etc.) to ensure the community members are getting their specific needs met.

  • Youth & Family Advocate

    The Family Support Coordinator can provide assistance with applications for a multitude of services (Health Care, Benefits, Jordan’s Principle) and act as a youth representative with teachers, school counsellors, and administrations. In collaboration with the Health Team, the Family Support Coordinator can also act as an advocate for medical appointments as necessary.

  • Referral Support

    Since many community and counselling services are not available within the immediate community, the Family Support Coordinator works to ensure access to those services is as easy and timely as possible. The Family Support Coordinator will work with the individual to complete an assessment to determine which services are required and what the best location is to receive those services.


  • Addiction Services

    The first step in healthy and long-lasting recovery from addiction is asking for help and not feeling alone throughout the process. The Family Support Coordinator will listen and assist in finding appropriate services that are certified in helping with mental health, physical health, and financial security. They will also assist in finding support groups that can offer you sound advice and guidance while regaining your sobriety.


Meet our Family Support Coordinator, Sally Holmes:

“As most of you know my name is Sally Holmes, I have 3 children. I live here in Hedley with my spouse Mark McRae and our youngest daughter Jodi McRae. We have lived in the community for 16 years now. I was born and raised here in Hedley and moved to Merritt, BC when I was 16, I lived there until I was 30 and then I moved home to raise my youngest daughter with my family. My mother is Alice Louie (Holmes) daughter to Ramona Nahumpchin. My Father is Dale Squakin, youngest of Manny & Hazel Squakin.

I will be working in the community as the Family Support Coordinator and Band Social Development Worker (BSDW). For the past 5 years I have been working for Okanagan Indian Band in Vernon as a Pre-employment Support worker. I have experience working with various age groups as my career has developed over years. I recently completed my Administrative Assistant Certification online, a goal I set a long time ago, which is something I am very proud of.

I look forward to seeing the growth and success within our community.”