Hedley Mascot Mine Progress Report

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

As the Project Coordinator of the Hedley Mascot Mine & Chuchuwayha Hall I would like to share an update for everyone to see how Heritage Works has assisted USIB in the work being done at the Mascot Mine. I have been working closely with Gord and Ben since coming into this position, and I am so excited to see what else we will accomplish this spring. Work will pick back up as soon as weather allows, and I will continue to update everyone throughout the project! Thank you for following along.

  • Saisha Wagnitz


Check out the full report with photos here: Hedley Mascot Mine Progress Report – January 2023

Drug Alert

**Drug Alert**.

There is a Drug Alert issued for the Cranbrook Area. Down with higher-than-average concentration of Fentanyl.  High risk of overdose, High risk of fatal overdose. Amnesia, sleepiness, nodding out for a long time. Overdose may not respond to naloxone. Smoking is not safer than injecting.

See Attachments for more information Find drug checking locations at https://drugchecking.ca/






Student Employment Opportunity

Job Opportunity for a student currently enrolled in a Forestry/Natural Resource Program working for the summer at Stuwix Resources Joint Venture in Merritt, B.C.
See attached post for further details including how to apply
Stuwix Summer Student Post2023_Page_1 Stuwix Summer Student Post2023_Page_2

USIB Elders Tea Invitation

Thursday January 19th, 2023
Hedley Town Hall
Join us for a Upper Similkameen Band Elders Tea to discuss the Grizzly Bear & Badger in USIB territory!
Share stories and guide USIB work for these animals.
Elders Tea Invitation-1